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The Circus & Curtain Blue

17 February 2017
High Spirits

The Circus
Furious. Quirky. Angsty. Bouncy. Funky. Groovy. Eclectic. Vicious. Happy. Mellow.
Think of a musical recipe which has a healt dollop of all these ingredients and you are thinking of The Circus. A band which has been making waves on the Indian Music circuit since 2007. Combining the eldritch, beamingwails of Abhishek Bhatia, the twisted unconventional guitarr attack of Arsh Sharma, the aural assault which is the bass work of Abhinav Chaudhary and the tireless groove machine of Anshul Lall.

The Circus put togerher some of the most refreshing and orignal music to come out of the India subcontinent in years. Live; they are essence of what rock and roll is all about. They bring the fun and Decadance that has all but died out in a scene where bands sound increasingly manufactured in an attemp to be appreciated. The Circu are none of that. Thsi is no-frills rock with a sonic assualt whcih is at the same time exhilirating and Psychedelic in nature.


Curtain Blue, known to his peers as Abhishek Bhatia is a formidable talent in the Indian musical circuit. He is known for his fractured beats, commanding vocal delivery and unique melodic sensibility, drawing inspiration from forward thinking alternative electronic outfits like Radiohead, Apparat, Moderat and Jon Hopkins.

His 'Drones' EP saw him travel as far as London as part of an Indian showcase at Alchemy, Southbank Centre’s annual festival showcasing the best of dance, music, theatre, design, fashion, comedy and literature from the UK and South Asia. This was alongside a show at Brighton’s renowned Great Escape Festival.

Time: 9pm

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