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BLOT! & Zokhuma

18 February 2017

BLOT! is an acronym for the Basic Love of Things.

A multidisciplinary project helmed by Gaurav Malaker andAvinash Kumar and supported by a network of artists, BLOT focus on creating atypical clubland experiences. Avinash Kumar is a designer, visual artist, filmmaker and VJ, and a founding member of design and research firms Quicksand and BOX. Gaurav Malaker is a DJ, producer and a founding member of Qilla Records.
They blend sound and music, while manipulating their performance spaces to expand the frontiers of electronica performances. Visually B.L.O.T employ traditional filmmaking techniques as well as stop-motion animation and motion graphics, and the duo' s diversity is as apparent in their music as it is in their visuals.


There's a brave new wave of alternative artists surging forth in the country; ones whose tunes make its point even with the bare minimum of moving parts and producer Zokhuma (Goddess Gagged guitarist Arman Menzies) just happens to be at the forefront of the tectonic shift.

Production wise, Zokhuma's sound is a stark representative of the grime brigade--subtle, smooth, textured beats make up its skeletal framework even while a long history of great songwriting pays off in fleshing it out with riveting melodies.

On a more personal note however, he's still playing in the dark. His wide-eyed approach leaves plenty of room for the unexpected and is more likely to forge new paths of experimentation rather than settle for a cubed-genre existence.

Time: 8pm

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