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Laze Daze Feat. Big City Harmonics, Bassister & more

18 February 2017
Sanskriti Lifestyle

No Thepla Holidays brings a fantastic option to the usual lazy weekends. Spend a Lazy “Daze” outdoors while listening to some great music, sipping on a chilled pint and munching on great food.


Big City Harmonics
Pune electronic artist Rohan Hastak aka Big City Harmonics started making using a guitar ultimately found his calling within gadgets and synths. Inspired by contemporary electronica artists like Four Tet and Nightmares on Wax, the musician released his beat driven debut EP, called Foreword in 2013.


Bassister is Vandana Bhalla.

From Mountain Madness in Nepal to the beaches of Goa, Vandana is making waves with sounds that keep you hooked and grooving. She has known only one true love throughout her life, and that is music. She is a bass player and a singer, and has been a loyal fan and supporter of the Indian music circuit for over a decade now. Vandana has traveled widely and been personally involved with multiple genres of music, ranging from rock to funk, fusion, jazz and the blues. However, her world turned around when she first experienced electronic music. Soon she began performing as a DJ, playing sounds that could best be described as tribal and bass heavy, all in keeping with an intentionally non-conformist approach to the presentation of dance music. She is reputed for her excellent warm up sets and for her high energy peak time music that transcends the many sub-genres of dance music.





Time: 12pm

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