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Zygnema, Gutslit & Within Ceres

26 February 2017

Zygnema is a four piece Heavy/Thrash Groove Metal band from India (Mumbai). The band, over the last 10 years, has released two full-length albums, won numerous national and international accolades that only do so much to correspond to the powerhouse that the band is. One such accolade is the award for Rolling Stone Metal awards 2011 Best Metal band and Best Metal Song in the popular choice category and Best Metal Band and Best Metal Album in the critics’ choice category in 2016. Zygnema was formed in December 2006, and since then, have been grooving steadily with uncompromising determination.

The band completes a decade of existence this December in the Indian independent scene and a growing fan base in Europe, especially in Germany and Norway. Having said that, the band has managed to achieve a lot with just two albums in ten years and has the most dedicated and hardcore fan base that a band in this country can only dream off.


Formed in 2007, Gutslit has evolved into the biggest extreme metal export from India. With 2 releases, one split EP titled ‘Contorted Mutilation’ with French Goregrind Veterans Pulmonary Fibrosis and one full length titled ‘ Skewered In The Sewer.’ Released on Coyote Records (Russia) and Ghastly Music (Japan), Gutslit has set a benchmark in Indian Extreme Music.

Gutslit is known for its speed, aggression and relentless riffage, blast beats, growls and grunts be it live or on record. In July 2014 Gutslit Embarked on their first European Tour and were the first band from India to play at Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic) and Deathfeast (Germany). In August 2015 Gutslit toured Europe extensively once again which included the prestigious Brutal Assault festival (Czech Republic)


Within Ceres is a progressive metal band from Goa, India. Formed in 2014 by Guitarist Odin de Sa. The lineup consists of Odin (Guitars), David Rebello (Drums), Naizian (Keys), John (Bass), Kadesh (Guitars) and Arnold (Vocals). Their sound shares elements from Symphonic Metal, to Modern Metal /Djent. Within Ceres is not afraid of using Production techniques to give their sound the edge that compositions require. Live they play to a click synced to backing track run through a computer.

Their much-awaited debut album "Skyless" will be out this June on all platforms to be produced by Odin. The release of their single "State of Emergency" mid-2016 was highly regarded for the songwriting and production. Facebook

Time: 8pm

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